I’m a long term investor, based in the UK. I’ve been investing in a small way for years, mainly passively in low cost accumulating index funds with the odd dabble or two in individual stocks. Usual sort of stuff. The former has bored me to death (it’s meant to), and I was rubbish at the latter.¬†

I’ve decided to change things up a bit…

I know, I’ll start a blog and document my amazing investing skills?

Yeh, not quite. It’s actually a fairly lonely existence when you’re obsessed with all things investing/money and want to discuss it 24/7. Nobody else does. Definitely don’t try it with teenage darling daughters. Tried that one and it didn’t go well. You have to go online to find kindred spirits.

It’s not that I’m obsessed with accumulating money. I already feel wealthy. I’m naturally fairly frugal, have a few bob in the bank and I have very few wants. I don’t yearn after things. What’s the saying about wealth not being about great possessions but in how little you actually want.

I have a beautiful wife, two gorgeous daughters, and an interesting and challenging day job with a secure pension. What’s not to like. I have a few friends and I actually like them.

Practically a normal human being then. But I’m unfulfilled. I can read all day about investing and finance, and frequently do, but it still doesn’t float my boat. Its too, erm,  passive. Even my kids tell me to get ‘off the computer’. They probably think I’m some workaholic.

No, it’s far more serious than that. “Sorry darling daughters, I’m just reading an article on sequence of returns risk in drawdown with a Defined Contribution pension. It will never, ever apply to my own situation, with my public sector Defined Benefit pension, but it’s fucking fascinating.” Loser…

So, I’m going to be writing about money and investing – mostly investing¬† – and financial independence. And early retirement. It’s on my mind a lot. Technically, I can retire early in December 2022 but my younger-ish and working-wife tells me ‘not on your nelly’. Which apparently means there is room for negotiation. We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy my investing diary where I hope to document my learning and please do interact where you can. I will always reply to every message. I need some money-friends…